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Specializing in starters
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Rebuilding Your Starters, Alternators,
& Generators In Sioux Falls, SD

Van's Auto Electric, in Sioux Falls, SD, specializes in starters and alternators for automotive and industrial vehicles with quick service time. Our experienced staff provides quality rebuilds and warranties for both our starters and alternators. We also have access to after-market and original equipment manufacturer parts (OEM parts). If your alternator or starter need repair, stay calm and just call us. Van's Auto Electric will have you back on the road in no time.
Wondering what happens when you're already on the road trip and your car just broke down? We can help diagnose any starter, alternator, and generator problems with our top of the line equipment.
“On a road trip from Chicago to the Black Hills, our Vanagon developed alternator troubles. And when we couldn't find a new alternator locally, we were directed to Van's. They tested and inspected the alternator and gave it a clean bill of health, and said the belt wasn't tight enough. It was a new belt, and it had stretched a bit. So they helped me tighten it, and refused to take any money for their time or trouble. I wish they were closer to Chicago, so I could have a couple starters rebuilt by them.”

- HappyCamper 4/27/10

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We know how important getting it right the first time is to our customers, and that is the standard we continue to guarantee. Call Van's Auto Electric for a free estimate!